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R 2,178.00

Floral - Elegant, Delicate, Solar, Emotion, Tenderness

Discover these feminine, delicate and solar blends. Subtle and floral scents that reveal tenderness and emotion. 

Product Description: A delicate perfume of cherry blossom - "SOMEI YOSHINO" - Yoshino cherry tree, evokes the land, the origins of Japan: an invitation to contemplation. Our perfumers have concocted a tale made of tenderness and serenity as epitomized by the blossoming of Japanese cherry trees – a ceremony that is a delight to the country and spectators alike. A delicate perfume inspired by cherry blossoms. The Hanami, a celebration of Sakura bloom, invites you to contemplate. Somei Yoshino is a noble blend of Shiso from Japan, Jasmine Sambac from India and Patchouli from Indonesia that meld into a harmonious balanced, floral bouquet. Olfactory creation by Angeline Leporini.

100ml bottle