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R 2,178.00

Fresh - Citrus, Tonic, Invigorating, Natural, Clean

Discover these citric and tonic blends. Invigorating scents devoted to freshness.

Product Description: The simplicity of a botanical perfume. From the Portuguese ‘SELVA DO BRAZIL’ or ‘forest of Brazil’, it evokes the Amazonian forest that offers luxuriance, warmth and moisture. Our perfumers have reinvented the "selva" by melding a dry, inimitable green note that reveals its original, bold nature. This Grand Cru unveils an original and unreal nature. A gentle shower falls from the sky to slowly graze the skin, in a moment of freshness and lightness. This perfume, a great blend from far-away, leaves a sublime and harmonious of scent. Petitgrain from Paraguay, tonka bean from Brazil and Gaiac wood from Argentina come together to create a timbre that is both alive and racy, like the sap that flows in the heart of the "selva's" trees. Olfactory creation by Jennifer Riley.

100ml bottle